About Our Firm

The Reading Law Firm, LLC, located in Newton, New Jersey, has a narrow focus. Why is specialization so important for you? For two reasons, primarily.


First, the issues of clients who are in or nearing retirement (or wish they were) are significantly different from the issues they faced when they were younger. For instance, the question of whether to relocate in retirement has significant estate planning implications, as does the question of whether to remarry in the “golden years,” or whether to buy or rent, or whether or not to take fiduciary commissions, or whether to cash out an IRA you inherit or retitle it to yourself. Without the elder law perspective though, it is very easy to miss the issues that need to be considered as we age because none of us feel like we are aging.


The second reason is more obvious: the law is always changing and specialization makes it easier to keep abreast of the changes in a particular area of the law. New Jersey attorneys are required to take 12 credits of continuing education credits per year to keep up with the changes. However, attorneys in the estates, trusts and elder law practice area routinely accumulate far more credits than that to stay abreast of recent developments in guardianship procedures, New Jersey estate tax law, Medicaid regulations, the New Jersey probate code and the like.


The Reading Law Firm LLC has expanded to include not only sophisticated tax planning for high net worth individuals but also basic estate document packages, guardianships to protect adults who can no longer manage their affairs, Medicaid planning and applications for those who need financial assistance with long term care, special needs trusts for adults with disabilities and VA benefit evaluations. When necessary, the firm litigates on behalf of clients, represents clients in arbitrations, negotiates on their behalf in mediations, and appears in the Appellate Division. The firm also handles will and guardianship contests, and serves as court appointed temporary guardian,  guardian ad litem and court appointed trustee on various cases on the probate docket.